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Alabama Eye Bank | National Eye Donor Awareness Month
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National Eye Donor Awareness Month


Think about it…You’re a daddy who won’t get to see your daughter walk down the isle. You’re a mother whose vision is so poor that you won’t get to see the birth of your grandchildren. You’re an employee who is struggling to read a spreadsheet. You’re a grandmother who can’t see the stitches to knit your grandchildren hats. You’re a grandfather who can’t throw the ball with your grandson. Now imagine…YOU ARE the miracle in those people’s lives that will help restore their sight and purpose.

Being a registered donor fulfills one of our core foundational purposes in life of people helping people. Regardless of your social or financial status, this choice WILL make one of the biggest impacts in someone’s life because of your selfless gift to be a registered donor today.

//National Eye Donor Awareness Month
During the month of March, we will be sharing stories of some very special people and their journey. Please check back each week and don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for instant updates.
Watch video of Mrs. Sandy Drummond who’s sight was restored because of donated tissue.